Friday, April 16, 2010


Thanks for sticking around all of you loyal followers and friends. It has been far too long, but I am creating a HUMONGOUS post with all of my work from the last year.

I just submitted my portfolio to the Pixar art department internship program (fingers crossed). I was encouraged to submit by a Pixar character designer who was visiting SCAD, by the name of Daniel Holland. Cool guy. Its so unreal to meet someone like that, because Pixar to me seems like this mythical place, and all of these familiar names that you see everywhere, like Lou Romano, Tony Fucile, Daniel Lopez Munoz. (If you haven't heard those names, l0ok them up and be prepared for amazement)

So here is my portfolio, I hope you all like it. I spent many sleepless nights putting this bad boy together and although it has a few problems I would like to fix, I am nonetheless proud of it.

Thanks for stoppin' in