Thursday, May 20, 2010

a fun character sketch

I've been doing a few characters here and there in my spare time, and I figured I would throw this one up for you guys to see.

He somewhat inspired from Charlie Chaplin, and I might even turn him into Chaplin. I've just been doodling here and there to inspire myself for this summer, when I finally learn to animate!!
I can't wait. Ive been anticipating having this time for a while now, and with graduation here, I can finally develop characters and animate them!! YEAH!

I hope you all like him!


background painting

yo dudes,

this is a background for an animated short called "This Side Up." ( the film is directed by Zane Yarbrough and Scott Vanarsdale, two very talented artists.

This was my only contribution to the film, but I had a lot of fun painting it, and I think it came out pretty cool. The shot starts out focus on the main character sitting on the crate, and then trucks out to reveal all of the packages on top of this boat. To catch the rest, you'll just have to seen the film when it is eventually released.

I hope you enjoy and there will soon be more paintings to come!