Thursday, May 20, 2010

a fun character sketch

I've been doing a few characters here and there in my spare time, and I figured I would throw this one up for you guys to see.

He somewhat inspired from Charlie Chaplin, and I might even turn him into Chaplin. I've just been doodling here and there to inspire myself for this summer, when I finally learn to animate!!
I can't wait. Ive been anticipating having this time for a while now, and with graduation here, I can finally develop characters and animate them!! YEAH!

I hope you all like him!



  1. Awesome Lyle. He's like a butler trying out for the part of Chaplin or something... really great. I like stretch in his face!

  2. Thanks Wayne, Tran, and Laura! I appreciate all of your comments!

  3. This is great!

  4. I simply loves him and his sophisticatedness.

  5. Yeah you got it goin on with your characters! I just made my second blog post ever... super awkward with it. So we should be buuuuds... let us follow one another!