Friday, June 4, 2010

The Seducer

So I have just graduated from SCAD, and since I do not have a job in line quite yet, my goal is to learn animation as quickly as possible. But I am taking the first step to develop a character. I have a couple in mind, and this guy is a very strong candidate.

He is heavily inspired from SNL's "The Continental" and Dudley Moore's role in "Foul Play." Both characters were intent on seducing women, but were largely unsuccessful. This guy is still in the works, I just figured I would put out a precursor to the final. I think he might need to come off more creepy than this, but this is the general direction I think I want to take him.

Well, If you don't mind, let me know what you think, and any stories or advice would be greatly appreciated!



  1. simplify Lyle simplify but he looks cool so far

  2. if you're going for the snooty, pretentious, narcissist, then you've got yourself a keeper. bravo. i think it's awesome to see the somewhat-visible, stray pencil marks that lead you up to the final.

  3. thanks guys! Definitely Zane. rest assured, he will be simplified, I am just sort of in illustration mode for right now, I'll have to run him by you as he progresses in a more animation friendly design.

    And thanks Tran!! I always love to hear your opinion, and I think creepy is the main adjective I want to allude to, so he'll need some more work, but I think he is heading a good direction

  4. hahah very nice appeal and attitude lyle!

  5. I love this as an illustration, but my only concern would be how does this move? It's going to be full animation style like disney or maybe something more flat like UPA? When you develop a character it's important to think about those aspect as well. Otherwise it's a great character, I totally get the snoody sense about him.