Thursday, December 31, 2009

the good old days

These are a couple of character sketches I was playing around with.
For a while Kurt and I were juggling around a few ideas for proposed animations, and these are just a couple sketches I got together for you guys to view. I think they were fun, and I would still love to develop these characters further, and perhaps one day get them modeled and rigged.

And I threw in a couple of good reference photos for fun. What amazing inspiration these guys have!! I absolutely love the stiff poses they were always in, it's almost to good to be true!

Maverick Armature and Sculpture

Yo Yo Gang,

I probably look like the biggest slacker, but believe me I've been staying very busy doing work for two films, and trying to get everything together for Maverick.

As far as Maverick is concerned, it is official, he will be the focus of a short film. That's just about all I can tell you at the moment, oh, and also it is going to be a way cool film.

I'm am in the process of creating a full body maquette of Maverick, which I will hand to a modeler, along with all of the necessary drawings, and he should be modeled in Maya within a couple months here.

Thanks for stopping by, and you know I always appreciate a comment so have at it.