Thursday, December 31, 2009

Maverick Armature and Sculpture

Yo Yo Gang,

I probably look like the biggest slacker, but believe me I've been staying very busy doing work for two films, and trying to get everything together for Maverick.

As far as Maverick is concerned, it is official, he will be the focus of a short film. That's just about all I can tell you at the moment, oh, and also it is going to be a way cool film.

I'm am in the process of creating a full body maquette of Maverick, which I will hand to a modeler, along with all of the necessary drawings, and he should be modeled in Maya within a couple months here.

Thanks for stopping by, and you know I always appreciate a comment so have at it.



  1. Good stuff! That's a really interesting process, do most people make maquettes for their 3D modellers? What did you use to make the head/face? I've been tinkering around with the idea of sculpture for illustration for a while and could use any info you've got!

  2. Hey Colleen,

    This technique is really cool. I downloaded a tutorial off Gnomon Workshop, by a guy named John Brown. The tutorial was like $40 though.

    And I know that in full feature animation they always make maquettes for their modelers, but for student films, I would say that most do not, but it is something I have always wanted to do.

    And if you want I could explain to you how the whole process works. You have to get a lot of thing together first. That was a whole mission in itself, just figuring out where I could get all of the materials.

    But if you would like you can call me or fb, me and we can talk more about it. Its pretty cool and Ive had a lot of fun so far, and cant wait to finish him up.

    Oh, and as far as the sculpting medium, I used super sculpey. Which I think is really cool, by the way. It is a very malleable medium, extremely easy to work with.

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