Saturday, January 16, 2010

I created this character over a year ago, and you can see him in some of my earlier posts. I really felt like redrawing him again. He is really a lot of fun to draw, and I would love to get a model sheet and turnaround together and even animate him, at some point.

thanks for popping in!


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  2. *edited*
    Amsterdam Man! I've been waiting a yar to see turnarounds of this kat. Hey where's his grass bag?

  3. Lyle i enjoy looking at your characters so much.. I had everyone in the room check this guy out.

  4. Yo Doug and Talor.

    Doug: I need to draw in the darn thing, but I just felt like drawing him for now. And you are right, ive gotta get on those turnarounds.

    Taylor: Thanks!! I'm glad you are giving me good publicity. I think he's a lot of fun as well.

    You two are awesome. I hope all is well