Saturday, November 6, 2010

FOCUS a film by Stephen Camardella

FOCUS, something we should all be minding some attention. I know it is very appropriate for me at this point in my life, that is I am on my way to a new chapter. As important as it is for me it is probably even more important for Rupert who is the central and only character in the short film FOCUS, directed by the brilliant Stephen Camardella . Rupert is oblivious to anything but the compositions he is finding in his SLR as he journeys up a quite precarious mountain, and his near match with death makes him reconsider what is really important in life. The film isn't viewable quite yet, but be patient, it will come soon to a monitor near you.

My duty on the film was to create the backgrounds, from concept to the final matte painting. It was such an enjoyable experience, and I made a a few great friends in the process.

When viewing the final image, you might be saying, "wow Lyle, you have no idea about light direction" The light is coming from all directions intentionally. The painting stretched all the way around the central mountain where everything is taking place. It was very interesting to figure out how to pull this off. But with a little bit of thinking and a lot of trial and error Steve and I made it happen.

I hope you all enjoy the results and until next time, keep on keepin on.


  1. Lyleee! this is awesome man, I lovee the background you created, I cant wait to see the final film, make sure u let me know where I can view it

  2. thanks Tim!! I will be sure to let you know, but I think it's in some festivals at the moment. But it really turned out great. My buddy Stephen Camardella (the film maker) is a frickin' genius.