Monday, April 18, 2011

iTouch paintings

Hey all,

So I've been doing a lot of paintings on my iTouch lately. I've been doing paintings out and about and also copying stuff offline from live action movies, animation, and bands. See if you can guess what the images come from, if you feel like it.



  1. I recognize Catch Me if You Can, Bolt, The Observatory, aaaand what looks like the view from your reclusive mountain lair. WHAT DO I WIN???

  2. LOL. You are right about Catch Me if You Can and Bolt. I am not sure what The Observatory is. And definitely the mountain lair view, lol. But you win (drum-roll) A BRAND NEW CAR!!!!!

  3. The Observatory is the place at the top of Griffith Park where they shot that famous bit in Rebel Without A Cause. And that's totally it!
    Also, I'll be picking up my car on Thursday.